• It just got easier to be real.
    Trunym enhances trust in business & personal
    interactions over the web.
    Trunym - your trusted online identity.
    Image Credit: Dmitry Kolesnikov
  • It just got easier to be real.
    Trunym enhances trust in business & personal
    interactions over the web.
    Trunym - your trusted online identity.
    Image Credit: Jack Shainsky
  • It just got easier to be real.
    Trunym enhances trust in business & personal
    interactions over the web.
    Trunym - your trusted online identity.
    Image Credit: Kara Allyson

Your Trusted Online Identity

Trunym makes it easier for you to engage online with others – whether it’s for business, social, or sharing.

Be sure. Be Trunym sure.

Trunym is trustworthy and privacy-aware. Use multiple verifications for an authentic web and social presence.

Step 1: Get Verified

Use your credit card and other verification we require to establish your identity and tag your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social and blogging accounts to your Trunym ID.

Step 2: Set Privacy

You even get to choose how much of your personal information you want displayed on your easy to read Trunym ID. From a full name and address to just your initials and country.

Step 3: Share

Once verified and published, a Trunym ID provides an easy way for you to share and build trust over the Web - tell the world who you are . but only as much as you want to share.


Trunym helps you build more trust in your online interactions using a choice of verification methods, be it for businesses or personal use.


With Trunym you decide what and how much of your identity you wish to disclose. Share more for increased credibility, share less for better privacy. For more on our privacy policy and terms of service click here


Trunym can be embedded or included in your online profiles in the major social networks as well as popular blogging sites. Trunym ID comes in a range of free and priced options to meet your trust objectives.To learn more contact us

Trust matters. On Social it matters even more.

Trunym enables consumers or businesses to interact over the web in a more effective and trustworthy way.

Social & Sharing

Social Networks bring many new challenges in securing your personal information and identity. With Trunym kids, parents , grandparents and friends can share their identity safely and selectively. Ask your new online friend to get a Trunym ID. Be sure . Be Trunym sure. For more information contact us

Enterprises - PR & IR

Social media and real-time updates has dramatically increased the opportunity to engage customers. But it has also increased the risk of misinformation. With Trunym, provide customers and markets with extra assurance about authentic sources of information and a way to disregard less reliable ones For more information contact us

Sharing & Commerce

Whether it's a cross-country ride-share with a stranger, or a collectible on Craigslist from across state, Trunym provides added assurance about who you are dealing with. Get a Trunym ID, ask the person you are sharing with or selling to get one too! For more information contact us

Celebrities & Brands

Be it PR or the Press its getting harder to keep sifting through real-time updates on social media, guessing which message to acknowledge, endorse or ignore. With Trunym you and your audience can better tell the difference between real and not so real messages. For more information contact us

Pricing & Plans

Trunym offers a choice of pricing plans to cover most needs.

  • Basics


      For Soical Newbies

      • Verify Name/Location
      • Needs a Personal Credit Card
      • $1 per month per social id
      • Each additional social account $1/month
      • 1 year commit
  • Value


      For the 'Socially Savvy'.

      • Verify Name/Location
      • Needs Personal Credit Card
      • $3 per month for 5 social id/blogs.
      • Each additional social account $1/month
      • 1 year commit
  • Premium


      For Larger Organizations.

      • Multi factor verification
      • Enterprise authentication
      • Captive install
      • Site Licenses
      • Please contact us for more details.

It's great technology & more that makes Trunym work!

It's Your Data

We take the privacy of your information very seriously - we treat all your data with as much care as we do ours. We do not store any private information of yours other than what is shown on your Trunym ID. We promise not to sell or share any private data without your explicit opt-in. To know more click here

Reporting Fraud

Trunym offers consumer friendly IDs using logins with credible 3rd party social networks or online financial services. We neither receive nor store user names or password access to any of your accounts. We also welcome your participation and support in rooting out fraudulent identities. Contact us

Partners & Developers

Trunym's service is built around an ecosystem of social networks as well as online financial and identity verification services. We seek partnerships with companies that wish to join our network of trusted identities or build new vertical applications. Our API provides access to Trunym in a secure and scalable manner. Contact us

SSL Partner

The Team

TruBadge is another fine service from the team at LiveBrick Labs the same team behind Trunym and Shuffl.

Livebrick Labs delivers enterprise grade as well as consumer ready applications that enable authentic and privacy aware interactions over the social web and in-person. Learn more at LiveBrick.com